These questions aren't essential for offering on a property, but they are definitely very useful. All of them will help make the sale smoother and quicker if you're aware of the whole situation of the sellers as well.

1) What's included in the sale?

Are the sellers leaving things behind in the property? (Kitchen appliances/any furniture?) Find out what they're intending to leave, therefore what is included in the price you're paying for the property. You can then plan yourself what you will take, what you won't need and what you will need to get.

2) Is it a listed property? Or, is it on a conservation area?

Key details you'll need to know before planning any sort of extension or outside decoration to the property.

3) Who will be responsible in the event of environmental damage or spillage onto private land? Does the property have it's own private drainage?

4) What is your legal right of way?

Is it a shared driveway? Where is your boundary? Make sure you've got the facts so you know what is yours and what's not!

5) Which way does the property face?

You'll want to know this so you know where the sun catches the property and garden throughout the day! Everyone loves a South facing garden...

6) What's the minimum a seller will accept?

What offers have they had so far?...

7) When do the sellers have to move out?

Is there a tight timescale? If they're purchasing onwards, are they moving locally/out of area/abroad? Have they even found a house to move to yet?! All these things can affect how long the sale will take to go through or whether it is a suitable sale to go with for you.

8) What are the neighbours like?

Depending on the property you are purchasing, this could be a very important question. You want to know that your neighbours will be respectful and friendly!

9) Lastly, has any work been done on the property recently and if so, why was it done?

Was there a particular reason for the work being done? Are there any issues you should know about?

It doesn't have to be a really stressful process. Buying a house is exciting and should take roughly 8-12 weeks. Of course each sale will vary, but to make your life a little less stressful, make sure you are prepared with the knowledge of the potential sale beforehand.
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