Unfortunately, this infamous weed is more common than you may think. Why is it such a problem? It can damage the foundations of your home, and if it's at risk of subsidence as a result, can significantly devalue the property. It can be treated, so if there's any sign of it, get onto it quickly.


There is no doubt that solar panels can save you money in the short term on energy bills and are much more environmentally friendly, however, technology ages and therefore decreases in value which is just what will happen with them. Not only this but they're not cheap to upgrade either. People can be a lot more concerned with aesthetics alongside this, and solar panels can be seen as rather unsightly and unattractive.


Swimming pools are an attractive thought. All those Summer days spent in the sun, relaxing in or by the pool, but the cost of maintaining them is fairly high. They take up a lot of space so if you're garden isn't a huge size as it is, you won't have much of one left after installing a pool. Lets also not forget the certainty of bad weather in Britain. Good weather doesn't always last too long, and therefore, unless your pool is heated, you won't have it put to good use for most of the year.


Dark and dingy doesn't sell. If you have two similar properties, one full of light and airy spaces, and the other with dark rooms and a feeling of being more closed in, the light and airy property will sell over the other more often than not.


Building regulations and planning permission can ruin a sale. If you have any works carried out on your property then it is crucial to ensure that you have the right planning permissions and building regulations to do said work, and have the documents to prove it! If you don't, it could prove very difficult to sell the property at a later date.

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