It makes sense really; pay more for the house that has had more money spent on it. New kitchens and new bathrooms are expensive things and not bought without much consideration. New research shows that 48% of Brits will pay a premium in order to move in to a property immediately, with no renovations or work to be done to it. It has been seen that homebuyers are willing to up their maximum budget by as much as 14% on average to get rooms and fitted furnishings they want to keep. These rooms with the fitted furnishings are generally top on peoples priority lists.

In a recent study, figures were seen as follows:

- 43% of buyers said a good kitchen was on the top of their list
- a well fitted out bathroom was next, with 33% putting this as a high importance
- 27% rated a large outdoor space/garden as high priority
- 16% listed a garage as an important factor
- lastly, 11% were looking for an attic/good sized loft space as a key feature (suggesting storage and spill-over space is of importance too)

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