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We are excited to announce an important change at Carter Edwards. As of the 1st August 2017, we have changed our name to Charles Carr

Why are we changing our name?
The name change is a result of an extensive rebranding effort designed to mirror the success and transformation of our company.
Over the past 2 years, our company has evolved amidst a dynamic, ever-changing industry and with expansion plans ahead, we believe that now is a great time for a change. We know that our customers believe in our service, as it's evident throughout the feedback we receive daily… …but, people often asked, who’s Carter, who’s Edwards, where’s the connection?
Well, in all honesty, Carter Edwards is fictional and has no connection to our staff or it's heritage.
Going forward we want to portray a true reflection of who we are and where we have come from in addition to reworking our branding and colour palette to create a strong, recognisable company.

If you are a first time investor, it's very easy to come to the conclusion that buying a property close to where you live to let out is a good option and potentially the best thing to do. It's easy for maintenance issues and you can keep an eye on the property and its tenants. However, this could be your biggest mistake, as one of the most profound reasons for success of buy-to-lets is the area you choose to let in. You must have a business mind about it and not an emotional connection. Your tenants will not be looking for the same things as what you look for in a family home that you own.

You've found a property you love and want to offer on it. Or, maybe you haven't yet seen it but you want to be ready in case you love it when you do. What do you need to know?

Spring has been and gone and Summer is finally here - the perfect time to sell your property if you've been thinking about it. With the sunny spells, blue skies, and warm weather giving everyone that summer cheer, this is the best time to show off your home to potential buyers (... and have a good sort out of your things!)

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